I am a 31 year old novice writer. My writing is filled with emotion, pain, turmoil, conquering and overcoming the daily strains that life throws at us. I relate to you my own experiences and others have related their experiences on how they have handled difficult times in their life. My goal is working to finish my first book that has been allowing me to "Reinvent Myself"
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It starts with words…

If you want a happy life, it starts with your words. You can’t be happy with yourself when you have just uttered unkind words to either a loved one or  a stranger. You can’t be happy if you’ve conjured up awful mean thoughts to someone who cut you off in the grocery queue or at … Continue reading

Self Sabotage Part II – Emotional Landmines

In doing a little background research, I found this information to be very positive. And subsequently, an answer to our trivial sabotaging.     Do you ever find yourself losing control over your emotional reaction to things, saying things that you didn’t mean (I can’t be responsible for what I say while on prescription drugs) … Continue reading

Self Sabotage

From my previous notes…(which I will get back to) I’m taking a drastic change in my thought process. Self sabotage is when an individual immerses themselves into an old conditioned habit or way of being that cripples their success, integrity, self esteem, self worth, self confidence, their happiness, their relationships, their health. Ones we have talked … Continue reading

The Tortured Soul Part II – Love Lost Forever

If only the past could be erased.  If I could kiss the past goodbye I wouldn’t be afraid to live for today. But the past has control of my life. Holding on to what could have been. I should let go, I need to let go. It was a loss that threw a hole in … Continue reading

The Tortured Soul Part I – Staring Fear in the Face

GOD! Help me please! I can’t get out…I can’t get away. Please! Why would God listen to me? I don’t talk to Him. Why would he help me now? He didn’t save grandmother who served Him forever. Does HE even know what’s happening to me right now? Oh my GOD! Please…Please…save me!   I couldn’t scream. … Continue reading

The Mental Makeover Part II: Where the Darkness takes you

We have but touched the surface of the turmoil that led me to begin my mental makeover.  This makeover prompted many to share their struggles, their triumphs, their understanding. Others have voiced their appreciation for gaining knowledge into an illness that plagues so many.   Depression is defined as a state of low mood and aversion … Continue reading

The Mental Makeover

Ok, here we go. I think we may all need this. I’m lumping us all together so I won’t be alone. This will be my first step to emotional and mental healing. You’re free to voice your opinions as long as they are in good taste and please choose your words wisely. We do not want anyone … Continue reading

Know Me…

The reinvention of self doesn’t happen when you hate the person you are. And how can you reinvent someone you don’t know? My strength was needed. My strength was always there sustaining me. But my full strength was blocked by meaningless thoughts that were at odds with my emotions; toxic emotions that had hijacked my mind, … Continue reading

Let’s Come On into Focus

OK this is a question that I was working on for the Mark Allender page but it turned into a telenovela…it’s just too much to separate the he said/she said. But what I found interesting is the dynamic of the interaction and how farfetched both parties were off. Brother sends me a message and asks … Continue reading

It’s not that serious”

“It’s not that serious” Tip #1 If you feel it necessary to hide something try to remember no one wanted you to share any way!   ‎”It’s not that serious” Tip #2 If you don’t want people in your business stop putting it on Facebook   ‎”It’s not that serious” Tip #3 Big words does … Continue reading