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It’s not that serious”

“It’s not that serious” Tip #1 If you feel it necessary to hide something try to remember no one wanted you to share any way!


‎”It’s not that serious” Tip #2 If you don’t want people in your business stop putting it on Facebook


‎”It’s not that serious” Tip #3 Big words does not make you intellectual, you probably don’t know what they mean


“It’s not that serious” Tip #4 Times are hard for every body. It’s ok to ask for water, extra bread and an appetizer as your meal


“Its not that serious” Tip #5 You say: “There was an event and I wasn’t invited” — So what? You weren’t invited. Get over it. 


“It’s not that serious” Tip #6  Do you look fat in that? Yes, Yes you do. Change or don’t…it’s not that serious


“It’s not that serious” Tip #7 Take your nose out of the air…the smell went away a long time ago and I’m sure your neck hurts.


“It’s not that serious” Tip #8 If I can Tweet, Text, or Facebook all day I’m NOT busy. I just don’t want to talk to you.


“It’s not that serious” Tip #9 If you’re “suspect” you’ve given a reason and you’re probably guilty. Deal with it.


“It’s not that serious” Tip #10 You say: “Are you trying to tell me something” Apparently you already know. So NO I’m not.


‎”It’s not that serious” Tip #11: “I know I sound like a broken record…” The record is still broken, stop pressing play


About candilish79

I am a 31 year old novice writer. My writing is filled with emotion, pain, turmoil, conquering and overcoming the daily strains that life throws at us. I relate to you my own experiences and others have related their experiences on how they have handled difficult times in their life. My goal is working to finish my first book that has been allowing me to "Reinvent Myself"


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